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Stamford Land – consistent dividend

Stamford Land  enjoyed a reasonably good year for FY 2015, end Q1 2015. The revenue increased 80% from S$62.2m to $112m which resulted to a net profit increase of 87.5% from $2.9m to $5.4m.  The positive operational cash flow that doubled … Continue reading

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Midas – Contract win is a good news, but not good enough

Midas yesterday announced winning two high speed rail (HSR) projects was a good news. She had respectively won RMB185.4m and RMB143.5m with CNR Changshun and CNR Tangshan, both are long existing customers of Midas. In total the contract value was … Continue reading

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OUE – Shifting properties to REITs

Over the last two years, OUE has been making significant changes. Two REITs were set up and several properties have been sold into two REITs, namely OUT H-REIT and OUE Comm Trust, to unlock the values. Last year, the Orchard Hotel and … Continue reading

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OSIM: Will it fall off the cliff?

The 1st quarter results has not been encouraging. The revenue suffered a 13.2% and 15.7% drop in the revenue from Q1 2014 and Q4 2014 respectively. Consequently, the net profit attributable to shareholders tanked to about 55% and 52.9% from … Continue reading

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Cosco: High debt and negative cash flow remain

Once again, Cosco Corporation delivered another set of uninspiring results for Q1 2015.  Its earnings per share is 0.03 cents compared with 0.56 cents one-year ago, representing a significant drop of 95%.   The increasing debt has  caused the profit margins to … Continue reading

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