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Scrip dividend (2)

Since the last post on scrip dividends, there is still a need to broach on the subject further. In fact, taking scrip dividends appeared to have more downside compare to taking cash dividends during a recessionary period like now. Many … Continue reading

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Banks’ stock prices

In the last two months since the release of bank results for FY 2018, the general comments about OCBC is that its share price is lagging behind the other banks. That appears to be my observation as well, although it … Continue reading

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DBS – The pleasant surprise

Abstract – Two years ago, the sudden devaluation of the Chinese yuan RMB caused DBS share price to fall below its book value. Since then, DBS Holdings share price has been on the rise. In a similar fashion, the share … Continue reading

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Yield hungry? We need to change of our investing paradigm

The much anticipated interest rate hike in December had caused a sharp recent drop in the price of REITs recently. Many REITs are now trading at the 2016 low, retreating generally about 7-10% from its peak level at 2016 high … Continue reading

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DBS- script dividend is out of money

DBS announced the script dividend of $0.60 per share at a conversion of $20.99 per share. This was established during the book clourse around the end April 2015. In the month of May 2015, the share price had been higher than $21 per share for the first … Continue reading

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OCBC – script dividend in the money

Recently, OCBC announced the distribution of scrip dividend in lieu of cash dividend. Its dividend was $0.18 per share and the bank had established a conversion rate of $9.50 per share, a discount to on-going share price. Given the discount to the prevailing … Continue reading

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Singapore banks – Net interest margins (NIM)

Much fanfare has been thrown on banks’ net interest margin (NIM) as the impending interest rates hike seemed to gain traction. As it is, our interest rate lags behind the US interest rates, and it is only a matter of … Continue reading

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